Professional Irrigation Systems in Sarasota, FL

Landscape Irrigation in Sarasota

With all the gorgeous sunshine Sarasota county receives, comes drought-like weather conditions with extremely high summer temperatures. This is a perfect storm for causing plants, lawns, and trees to begin to die from lack of hydration due to poor water supply. This can cause droopy plants, browning palm trees, yellowing, hay-like feeling lawns. This ultimately distracts from your beautiful new landscaping. Your home NEEDS an irrigation system, or as some call it a “sprinkler system”, to sustain happy and healthy green lawns and landscaping!

At Sarasota Landscape & Design, we are considered the experts in irrigation for Sarasota, FL. We offer irrigation installation, irrigation system repair, and lawn irrigation to keep your lawn and landscape vibrant year-round. Call us today to receive an irrigation system quote!

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Irrigation Installation Services

The purpose of an irrigation system is to deliver additional water supply to your landscape and lawn when there is not sufficient enough rainfall in Sarasota county. Whether you bought a new Sarasota residential property or require a brand new irrigation system installation, your Sarasota Landscapers are here to help. We offer fully customized irrigation systems that are designed to fit your property’s needs. Each irrigation system install is customized based on sunlight exposure, and type of grass, trees, and shrubbery in the landscape. Our systems also come with high-sensitivity sensors to prevent overwatering of your lawn, which saves you money and is great for the environment. When you install a new irrigation system in Sarasota, you are saving money by conserving water. Plus, you are still able to achieve a lush lawn and landscape for the neighbors to envy! Call us today to learn more about our Sarasota irrigation services!

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Irrigation System Repair

Imagine. It’s mid-August and your irrigation system breaks down. What do you do? If you don’t fix it fast, your lawn will begin to brown and die quickly without a supply of water in the Sarasota heat. Our team at Sarasota Landscape & Design recommends call us twice a year to check your irrigation system. There’s nothing worse than realizing in the middle of a dry spell that your water pressure is off, your irrigation system heads aren’t aligned, or you have leaking pipes and valves. Our team of green-thumbed pros is ready when you need us for irrigation repair in your Sarasota area.

Reasons for Irrigation System Repairs:

  • Clogged nozzle- Sometime debris will build up in the nozzles of your system. You can attempt to fix this by flushing your system. However, you may need the irrigation experts at Sarasota Landscape & Design to help you by installing screens on the sprinkler heads.
  • Broken Irrigator Heads- We often find broken sprinkler heads can become damaged over time through wear and tear of the weather, previous improper installations, or the lawnmower riding over the sprinkler head. 
  • Faulty Wiper Seals- The wiper seals on the spray heads may begin to break down over time causing leaks while irrigating. 
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Lawn Irrigation in Sarasota FL

How do you keep your lawn luscious, luxurious, and green year-round? Call your lawn irrigation Sarasota experts today! We offer an annual maintenance plan designed to help keep your irrigation system in tip-top shape and up to code. Our mission is to help you to protect your investment on your lawn and landscape. 

Why get a lawn irrigation system? The Bottom Line is to SAVE.

  • Saves Yourself Precious Family Time
  • Save Money
  • Conserve Water

Our professional lawn care team will evaluate your property needs and design a customized system and ultimately, solution for your lawn. This decreases your stress when Florida is going through a heatwave or you're not sure what your kind of grass needs. Help your grass beat the heat! Call us today to receive a lawn irrigation system quote!



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