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Landscaping Maintenance in your Sarasota area. 

You call it a chore. We call it a passion.

Lawn maintenance. A job that most homeowners feel is a necessary evil. A weekend chore that eats up the sunny hours on your weekends off from work. Why not spend the time soaking up the sunshine at Siesta Key? Or maybe taking a family bike ride down to St. Armand’s Circle on Lido Key. The professionals at Sarasota Landscape & Design have you covered. We provide top-notch lawn maintenance including weed eradication, pest control, flower bed mulching, fertilization, lawn mowing services, and tree & shrub care. Don’t waste another beautiful day on lawn maintenance. Call the Sarasota lawn care experts for all your landscape maintenance. 

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Our High-Quality Landscape Maintenance Services

Sarasota Lawn Care

Do you want to spend another chunk of time this weekend mowing your lawn, gardening and pulling weeds, or removing leaves from your home's yard? Call our top-rated pros to get the job done instead with the click of a button. Sarasota Landscaping & Design handles jobs of all sizes including lawn aeration, lawn mowing, leaf and debris removal, weed control and weed removal, and gutter cleaning. It's no wonder that we're the number one Sarasota lawn care company. Our team of Sarasota FL landscape experts likes to say that lawn care shouldn't be your weekend chore when it's our daily passion. We put in the time and energy needed to maintain your lush green lawn and landscape so that you don't have to. Call us today to receive your free quote and leave lawn care services to the passionate yard care pros in your Sarasota area!

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Superior Mulching Services

Our Sarasota landscaping experts can provide you with imperative guidance when mulching your garden or landscape. We offer expertise regarding the different types of mulch you can use including organic versus non-organic mulch. Another question we receive frequently about mulching services in Sarasota is how often to remove the current mulch and replace it entirely. This is a job you will need Sarasota Landscape & Design for. We have the equipment and landscaping team members to get the job done efficiently and affordably. Call us today to schedule an appointment for mulching service in Sarasota FL!

Why should I mulch my garden?

  • Weed control: mulch is able to block out sunlight to the inner layers of soil making it difficult for pesky weeds to grow
  • Pest control: certain kinds of mulch can also double as insect repellent such as cedar bark
  • Water Retention: mulch can retain water for longer than typical soil meaning less need to water as frequently for you as the homeowner saving you time and money
  • Increases nutrients in the soil: Over time, as the mulch breaks down it will release important nutrients to the soil below improving the overall structure and quality
  • Aesthetics: Most importantly, mulch can drastically improve the look of your garden and up the curb appeal for your home
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Sarasota Lawn & Landscape Fertilization

Although living in the glorious Sarasota sunshine is unparalleled, as residents we are also met with high temperatures year-round. This puts our lawns at risk of drought stress or patchy uneven growth. Our top-notch landscaping includes expert fertilization services to keep your lawn looking lush and green. When fertilizer is applied too liberally, there can be build-up encouraging pests to move into the area. This can also be detrimental to the environment as excess runoff will increase the production of algae and can negatively impact wildlife. On the other hand, if there is inconsistent application of fertilizer on your lawn, this creates bald or patchy spots on your beautiful lawn. Our lawn fertilizer experts at Sarasota Landscaping & Design offer ongoing services to help you maintain a thriving, green lawn year-round. Our Sarasota landscape team will guide you in creating a lawn fertilizer treatment schedule to fit your lawn’s needs based on square footage, current weather conditions, and your type of grass. This specialized lawn fertilization plan will give your lawn the correct amount of nutrients and ensure a lush, green lawn. You’re only a phone call away from achieving the luxurious lawn of your Florida dreams!

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Highest-quality Property Maintenance in Florida

To maintain means to keep the same. Once our professional landscapers improve your landscape to your liking, you’ll want it to stay that way year-round. However, the problem with living things is that they’re constantly growing, changing, and evolving. That’s where our landscape experts come in. Our Sarasota landscaping company will provide you will the lawn and landscape maintenance services you need to sustain the aesthetics of your exterior all 365 days of the year. Our superior landscape maintenance services include edging your lawn and flower beds, debris clearance, lawn care, and tree care such as trimming and pruning. We provide necessary Sarasota maintenance services so that you can keep you garden beds, lawn, and landscape looking beautiful on a budget. After all, a lush landscape doesn’t happen on its own. Contact us today for a consultation to determine your lawn and landscape maintenance needs today!

Services include:

  • Edging- This process involves keeping the edges of your lawn, sidewalks, and garden beds looking precise
  • Debris Clearance- After a storm or fast Florida winds, we’re there to clean up any debris on your lawn that could impact the growth of your plants and greenery
  • Lawn Care- Don’t spend hours mowing your lawn on your weekends off! Let our Sarasota Landscaping team tackle the job to keep your lawn looking great
  • Tree & Shrub Care- Most of the tropical trees grown in Florida require consistent tree care and maintenance including trimming branches and pruning for constant growth to keep them healthy and flourishing 
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Sarasota County Landscape Code

In Sarasota county, there are industry fertilizer and landscape management codes used in order to keep processes as green and eco-friendly as possible. These codes apply to the city of Sarasota, Venice, the town of Longboat Key, and the city of Northport. 

Some of the requirements include:

  • Grass clippings and other debris must be kept out of drains, bodies of water, and roadways
  • The restricted season includes June through September, meaning that fertilizers containing nitrogen or phosphorus cannot be applied to lawns
  • There are fertilizer-free zones throughout Sarasota county, including around bodies of water and wetlands

When you need premier Sarasota landscapers, get in touch with our crew and schedule your appointment.

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After you have your brand new tropical landscape designed and'll need our experts to help you with landscape maintenance in Sarasota. We travel throughout Sarasota county for all your lawn and landscaping services. Call us today for a free landscaping design quote!

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Our Sarasota Landscape & Design experts provide top-notch and affordable landscape and maintenance services to your Sarasota area. Call us today to receive a free quote!
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