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Tropical Landscaping Reimagined.

Most Florida residents choose to live in the sunshine state because of the beautiful nature and year-round sunny weather. So if you haven’t transformed your outdoor living space into a relaxing outdoor oasis, Sarasota Landscaping & Design is here to help. It’s our steadfast mission to increase curb appeal, create unique outdoor living spaces while also adding value to your Sarasota residence. 

When you’re looking for a landscape company in Sarasota to spruce up your landscape, you need someone who is qualified and ready for the job. Don’t waste another moment searching for landscaping in Sarasota. Call our landscaping experts to revamp your landscape from a droopy scenery to a dreamscape!

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Our Unbeatable Landscaping Services

Landscape Design in Sarasota

Homeowners frequently think of renovations in terms of a contractor kitchen remodel or tearing out their bathroom from the ’70s. We’re here to tell you differently. At Sarasota Landscape & Design, our landscaping team is an expert in renovations. We take the plain-jane landscaped house on the block with zero curb appeal and transform the landscape to look like a tropical oasis. Our landscape designers use stonework, native gardens, outdoor patios, and water features to create an inviting environment you’ll love to entertain!

Call our landscape designers today to learn more about how to your restyle drab greenery to a calming retreat.

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Eco-Friendly Landscape Installation

When our Sarasota Landscape & Design team tackles your home landscape design install, we aim to do so using eco-friendly measures. Our team of landscaping design pros is environmentally conscious by decreasing waste during installs, reducing water usage, and offering as many eco-friendly options as possible to our clients. Our Sarasota landscape installation services include planting trees and shrubbery, installing flower beds, installing water features, hardscaping walkways, and patios. Our mission is to accentuate your outdoor living space similar to the same way painting our home would do. It’s the simple touches such as flower beds that add curb appeal, value and bring others to admire your home.

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Sarasota Sod Installation

Though sod installation may be a project you want to attempt yourself, we urge you to call the Sarasota experts before you begin. We can assist you with this landscape project to ensure that the yard measurements are correct, the soil is adequately prepared to maintain proper pH, and the sod is installed properly with the highest-quality equipment. There’s nothing worse than a sod installation gone wrong! At Sarasota Landscape & Design, our team offers guidance and assistance to ultimately save you time and money. Call us today before you begin your sod installation project in Sarasota, FL.

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Tropical Landscaping in Florida

Not only do you want your home to reflect your family’s personality and uniqueness, but you may desire a landscape to match the tropical vibe to match. That’s where our team of Sarasota landscape designers comes in. They are experts at creating tropical, luxurious landscape architecture whether to add exterior intrigue to the front of your home or add plants and hardscape around your pool and lanai. Our tropical landscaping pros can recommend and work with you to determine the best ground covers, trees, shrubs, and flowers to reflect the tropical appeal you’re looking for. You deserve to feel like you’re on vacation all the time! 

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Sarasota Outdoor Landscape Lighting

When we discuss lighting with homeowners, our team of landscape and design professionals often get asked about lighting and how essential it is for landscape design. The short answer: very. Many people don’t realize how landscape lighting can distract from or enhance a design, especially at night. When done correctly, your landscape lighting design should accentuate your outdoor living space, whether the goal is practical or decorative.

Outdoor landscape lighting creates a warm ambiance surrounding your home with soft, yellow light. Think of all the well-lit summer gatherings you’ll have on the back patio. Or maybe you’re worried about an intruder on your property and need automatic floodlights built-in. The proper lighting system can help in both situations. Our Sarasota outdoor lighting experts can assist you in navigating the countless lighting system options to increase the impact of your landscape. After all, why should you only enjoy your new landscape during the daytime? Call us for a quote today!

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Sarasota Commercial Landscaping

At Sarasota Landscape & Design, we know that business comes first. We also know that you want your business to feel like an inviting place for your workers and potential clients as they walk in the doors. If you’re looking to improve upon your existing commercial landscaping or want your commercial landscape design to better reflect the personality of your business, contact our team of landscape renovation professionals today!

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