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Sarasota Sod Installation, Done Right! 

Our landscapers hear time and time again from homeowners that attempted sod installation in Sarasota for their home and were unsuccessful. Sod installs can be finicky! With our tried and true sod installation process, you're sure to have a happy healthy lawn again!

Sod installation in Sarasota is the process in which the sod is laid into the soil base. This process is done when a lawn has been built or repaired, or when grass can't grow in an area where it was anticipated. The site preparation before sod installation takes place includes removing all weeds with herbicide, grading the soil with a machine to allow for water drainage, and adding lime to raise the pH level of the soil. Sarasota sod installation is important because it provides the base for the grass to establish roots. The more solid the base, the stronger and healthier your lawn will be. Trust our local landscapers at Sarasota Landscaping & Design for all your sod installation needs!

expert installing sod on a lawn in sarasota
new sod installation for a green lawn in Sarasota FL

Why Invest in Lawn Sod Installation in Sarasota?

When sod installation in Sarasota is done correctly, it can reduce up to 80% of soil compaction. This is important because compacted soils force plants to grow sideways instead of upwards which creates an unhealthy lawn. Homeowners should invest in sod installation because it gives the lawn strength and height. To reduce soil compaction, make sure that there is loose soil below the sod installation site before placing down your grass. This ensures that your lawn is luscious and vibrant green year long!

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New Sod Installation Means an Instant Green Lawn & No Hassle

Customers always enjoy having a beautiful lawn and our landscaping team makes it easy with sod installation services. Sod can be used to transform all types of outdoor spaces including rooftops, balconies, patios, front yard, back yard, or pool areas. We have different types of grasses available to ensure your space will look just the way you want it to. Our landscaping team takes the hassle out of lawn maintenance with sod installation and maintenance.

Sod installation is very easy and fast to install, depending on your location, a landscape project can be finished in just a day or two. Our qualified staff will give advice on turf type that's best suited for each type of space according to sun/shade exposure, soil conditions, etc. When you're ready to get started with your new sod installation in Sarasota, give us a call!

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sod installation for lawn in sarasota florida

Superior Sod Grass Installation in Sarasota, Florida

Sod installation is important for Sarasota's homeowners. It can provide many benefits due to it being cost-effective and convenient. It only needs to be installed once, but it provides areas with grass throughout the year. Sod installation can reduce soil compaction by pulling up heavy clay soils and replacing them with sandier soils. Homeowners can also expect lower water usage from their grass through this process. Sod installation is environmentally friendly because it reduces the use of water, chemical fertilizers, and pesticides. The numerous benefits of installing sod greatly outweigh the sod installation cost in Sarasota, Florida.

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